Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chin Peng ; get lost

I was appalled and aghast by the statement made by the Gerakan Presiden. By, I vehemently believe the notion made by him is known but nothing pertinent. I would say bovine stupidity, if I am allowed to be somewhat audacious, is his mind.

The call of wanting Chin Peng back is nothing mundane. Having said that, I would also be articulate in saying that he heinous crimes toward the country cannot be forgotten. Forgiven ? I would leave that in a closet or at the very least, to the forgiving old veterans whom fought against their atrocities.

Yes, I acknowledge PKM fought against the British. But, I also know of this fact, PKM did want to topple the government and bring communism to this country. Put aside their crimes, such ideology does not fit the locality and geographical atmosphere of this country.

If we were to analyze and go through the arguments raised by the ‘benign’ advocates of Chin Peng, we find them baseless and with not merits. If issues of compassion and sensitivity were put forward, where were those virtues in Chin Peng when he ran over the country killing off innocent citizens and rampaging this beloved nation of ours. It is a good point to note, Chin Peng had committed those crime regardless of race. Even Chinese Malaysians, were executed and tortured.

Therefore, I am against Chin Peng coming back to Malaysia. But, I do would like him to come back. Not to be given pardon, but to face the punishments for his crimes. Perhaps, this where ISA would best fit the purpose as ISA has retrospective clauses. Parliament can enact laws with retrospective effect

Henceforth, With respect I do not think there is merit in the arguments laid by the injudicious , foolish and imprudent ‘ unqualified advocates of Chin Peng’ but support the call made by the PM. His decision is truly wise.

To Chin Peng, I have to say, please be gone and get lost. We do not need a criminal like you here.

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