Saturday, July 11, 2009

Holidays with Buah Pala in Penang and Uighurs in China.

The holidays were nothing but sensational.. The attachment was great, the nights of hanging out, the arranged dates my dear friends set up ( which i found amusing, funny, fun and pocket-shrinking, wood work at M's house and bread pudding) and the list goes on and on.. Save the taxing and energy, i soon placed myself in my own la-la land.

Just moments before stepping into la-la land ( no booze and weeds here, haven't tried) i was 'forcefully interjected into reality when High Chappral came into light. Taking into account my holidays are ending , and non-partisan cum activist friends are around, i took the time to read up the whole issue. Legally speaking, nothing can be done bout Kampung Buah Pala except for the residets to accept the compensation money by the developers.

perhaps it is more wise for the DAP to learn in depth about making promises and fullfiling them. The sentiments really boil down not the lands being taken away, at least that is not the paramount factor, but the promises unkept. The whole fiasco cum rendezvous could have been easily avoided if Mr. LIM (i foud it amusing a bank in Penang hang up his pictures and in gold-colour plated was written Tuan Lim )had not made such promises to the indian folks of High Chappral. Legally, nothing could be done. But, to blame BN in toto is ridiculous. The developers had agreed for compensation money worth RM 200 K . It is a simple rule of do not make a covenant if one can keep it.

But, High Chappral aside, it is sad to see Penang had not seen any development since the take over. And Lim's Tiger Park, is nonsensical and was bombarded by Penanggites. We need no Tiger Park, but what we do need in time for the impending economic recession are jobs and investors. Unless, it is the top-notch idea of Lim that Tigers could generate money, i find Mr Lim a man who only knows about opposing and know nothing about good governance. Penang, i see , is the only state as yet begging the Federal for money. At least, in Selangor, bussinesses are running.

One Malaysia is not only a good notion, but has elevated the current leading government to shun away from the dogma of racial politics. A reform , i here stress that it is a reality reform, has made it clear that BN is progressing forward.

Let us see, Penang in the near future. But, having said that, i have to say Malaysians in Malaysia do enjoy the basic freedom of practising ones own religion without prejudiced and oprression. The Uighurs minorities are not only exploited and oprressed, the death tolls are rising and the blood-shed continues. Perhaps, this would be one lesson for us Malaysians and Muslims to bear in mind, keep and protect what we have in our hands and let not it go the rest..