Monday, December 29, 2008

Qouted from Al-Jazeera

GAZA Hospitals Lack Medicines and Staff Date : 29/12/2008 Time : 16:43

GAZA, December 29, 2008 (WAFA)- At least 320 Palestinians, including women and children, have been killed and 1400 wounded in the continuous Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip, Palestinian Medical sources reported. Gaza hospitals are unable to cope with the large numbers of casualties, and are running out of equipment.

According to sources from the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS), hospital operating rooms are overflowing, and are running out of essential medicines. They are also understaffed and unable to cope with the large numbers of casualties. Hospitals are being overloaded with patients and are running out of room and supplies. Hospitals in the Gaza Strip have suffered severe shortages of supplies over past 18-month-blockade and are not equipped to receive this number of casualties.

Red Crescent medical staff in Gaza reported that wounded people are lying in the streets of Gaza City. The only aid they receive is from by-passers.

Egypt has opened the Rafah border crossing with the Gaza Strip to evacuate injured people. Twenty ambulances have been sent along with medical personnel to the crossing and two Egyptian hospitals were emptied to take in the Palestinian wounded.

Since the beginning of the Israeli offensive around 100 PRCS volunteers, 60 medics and 120 medical staff were actively involved to provide emergency care in Gaza Strip. The activities have focused on evacuating the wounded, providing first aid and triage, transferring the wounded to hospitals, and hospital care at PRCS hospitals in Gaza and Khan Younis South of Gaza

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I am not a liberator. Liberators do not exist. The people liberate themselves. - Ernesto Che Guevara
Deceit, lies,
useless leaders,
corrupt men.
O my fellow brothers and sisters,
rise and rise,
our country has a price.
Islam must come back,
It’s a dire need.
Islam Hadhari,
Full of mockery,
Invention of the insane Badawi.
Rise or rise,
Change we need,
The malay language is our need,
If we sleep say goodbye to it.
Furta lies ,
vacuus gubernatio ,
constupro men
O meus socius frater quod sanctimonialis ,
orior oriri ortus quod orior oriri ortus ,
nostrum terra has a pretium. Insula must redeo ,
Islams a directus postulo.
Insula Hadhari ,
Plenus of subsannatio ,
Reperio of insane Badawi.
Orior oriri ortus vel orior oriri ortus ,
Change nos postulo ,
malay lingua est nostrum postulo ,
Si nos somnus narro bonus prurigo.

Say No to Vernacular School


“The Government should consider introducing only a one school system with Bahasa Malaysia as the medium of instruction, except for the teaching of Science and Mathematics, which is already in English,” Mukhriz told reporters at Parliament House yesterday.

“Of course, pupils should then be given the option to study their mother tongue. Under this system, the Malays will also have the option of studying other languages like Chinese and Tamil, and this will further boost unity among the races,” the Umno Youth exco member added.

I do agree with Mukriz on the account that there should only a one school system with Bahasa Malaysia as the medium of instruction. In fact, I’ll go beyond as to say it is a MUST!!!. But sadly, I do disagree on the second motion of using English as a medium for teaching Science and Math. It is the most atrocious disgrace from a person coming from a party which claims to fight and serve the Malays. Firstly, I do not condone racial politics and second UMNO in these past years has always been a bag of lies.. But I have to give applause to this man as he sincerely believes that vernacular schools are a hinder towards this country’s unity.

In no moment after, comes the ‘biggest hero’ from MCA. Like Nazri, he is too a coward. Well, he is a despicable coward who is also another hypocrite. MCA president Datuk Ong Tee Keat has wasted no time in condemning Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir's suggestion to abolish vernacular schools."Mukhriz is just one of the many who are now repeating the same polemics that are a few decades old, simply because of the advent of their party's poll," the Transport Minister said."It is saddening because politicians cannot think out of the box," he wrote in a blog posting. I really hope when he said on thinking outside the box he actually is in all sincerity talking about himself. Please, someone or anyone enlighten this moronic mountain on two paramount issues ( considering he has a brain to think, whether he uses it, that is totally another issue ) ; ministerial responsibility and using the thinking cap for the country instead of gaining short-term popularity. I understand it is the becoming trend of many politicians ( I must say, this pathetic lots are Mr. Yes Say Men and We Say Yes To Cronyism ) and Tee Keat is one of its ardent followers.
The only way to integrate all Malaysians regardless of race, creeds and religion is the national school. If it is true, vernacular schools are not the virus that has brought forward to us racial desegregation why do we still have sparks of tension among the races. But, at least, Mr. Tee Keat here is proud of his mother-tongues unlike the other ungrateful monkeys who claims to fight for Ketuanan Melayu and another buffoon@baghal who uses the ‘keris’ and at the same time, throwing our national language ( his own mother-tongue) down the drain. This is what I call cakap tak serupa bikin.

Ladies and gentlemen, racial politics is irrelevant. I am all in for an Islamic State with Islamic laws. But, after 50 years of independence, there is still a mild hatred among the races. We have to analyze this very carefully. The constitution clearly safeguards the National Language and Bahasa Malaysia is the national language. If one is really a Malaysian, then start speaking it and using it. I do not see a single problem why is it so difficult for a one school system with Bahasa Malaysia. It does not act to deprive the right for one to use his own mother-tongue as be it Mandarin or Tamil as these languages can be thought in the national school. Kalau dah nak jadi Bangsa Malaysia, maka haruslah belajar Bahasa Malaysia dan vernacular school haruslah di-scrap off. What do Tee Keat suggest then if he says think out-side the box. Give your reasons and solutions. Well, then again, empty vessels make the most noise. But, this bloody empty vessel is a making a hell of unnecessary whines. Is just like giving a monkey a banana, only worse.
But, this story gets better..even more juicier with a twist in it. Here comes the Mr. Najib. "It is important for the Chinese and Indian communities to have these schools because it is where they instill values (in their children)," said Najib. In very crude style, this is total utter nonsence. Well, I felt astounded, but not surprised.

Dear readers, a single education system in schools that uses Bahasa Malaysia as the medium of instruction is the only remedy to the problem of polarisation amongst multi-racial Malaysians.
Vernacular schools, has not help in solving this problem and has in fact hamper national unity, and the issue is not only about language, but more important is the unity which must exist among the different races. The Malay language is not all about Malay supremacy. It is NOT AT ALL. But, it is all about being a Malaysian is all about. Unless, one prefers to go to Timbuktu. Bahasa Malaysia is enshrined in the constitution, OUR CONSTITUTION. This is the language meant for Malaysians. I’m not saying that, I do not appreciate Mandarin or Tamil. But, a single school system which uses Bahasa Malaysia as its medium is not a tool to deny the existence of these languages, but as a mode to enhance the unity among Malaysians.

But, I must say at least, MCA is proud of their mother-tongue. Something that UMNO should learn from. As a learned friend of mine said, first you scrap off jawi, now using English as medium of teaching Math and Science in English, what is next ?

واهاي اورڠ ملايو، كمباليقن جاوي دالم سيستم ڤنديديقن كيت..اللهاو اكبر

بريڠ بچق جاوي ماي ڤاوڤلي

جاڠن كيت هيلڠ عادة كيت،

كمباليقن جاوي،

كات تيدق ڤد ڤمبلاجرن ماتماتيك دان ساءين س دالم بهاس ايڠڬريس.


O save the Leaders,

And the cronies and the conspirators,

Save the unjust leaders

And those with interest,

Oh, pray that

They are saved from going to hell

Because of their negligence

In protecting

The welfare and the security

Of the rakyat.